Replica Medals, Crafted to excellence

Crafty Replica Medals is a veteran owned buisness who takes great pride in providing the very best replica medals. 

Our Replica Medals are mounted using only superior materials to the highest quality. 

We are so confident in our product we offer a 100% satisifaction guarantee. 

We encourage you to campare our replica medals to any other and you will instantlly see the the level of quality and superior product we offer. 




Medals that wont damage clothes

Magnetic medals are being developed RIGHT NOW

Adding Medals to existing sets

Have you been awarded a service medal and wish to add it to your existing set?  Crafty can re-mount your medals overall, reducing the cost. 

New replica Medal Set

Crafty can provide replica medals both court mounted and swing mounted. Crafty can also restore original medals and ribbons.

Medal Storage Boxes

Protect your medals with this elegent storage box. Three sizes are available

Coming Soon

    What People have to say

—  Sarah

"Crafty Medals is great! Quick to get back to you on your order or changes to pick up dates, happy to accommodate those last minute duty requirements. Friendly and prompt service 10/10 would recommend and go through again."


—  P. Bellas CSM

I have searched for 15 yrs to find the level of quality and customer service offered by Crafty Medals. Jason offers a premium level of service with unsurpassed quality. I strongly recommend Crafty Replica Medals.




Crafty Replica Medals

Brisbane QLD


0407 610 301

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