the finer details in replica medals

Not all replicas are mounted the same

Inferior materals are used like cardboard and felt to cover up poor craftsmanship.

bad medals 3.png
bad medals 2.png
Crafty replica medals only mount on 2mm Perspex!
Every medal is precisely sewn into place.
No glue is used to hold medals in place.
Dress manual quote
"A rigid base is to be used to support court mounted medals to ensure an appropriate standard of presentation is maintained. A polyurethane base, is recommended for this purpose to achieve long term sustainability" 
"Medals are to be sewn securely to the base, ensuring a rigid setting is achieved"
"Glue or other adhesive products are not to be applied to secure medals to the base"

poor quality replica Medals

what to look for

felt used to cover cost saving of ribbon
electrical tape to cover up poor quality
replica mounted onto cardboard
replica not central on ribbon
cheap ribbon used

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